MEChA de SDSU 50th Celebration

We are proud to announce MEChA will be celebrating the 50th anniversary celebration on April 27, 2019. *notice the date change to April 27th*

MEChA de SDSU has been improving and building our communities for decades. MEChA assists in the consciousness raising of our people and the retention of our culture to help give our on-campus community empowerment through awareness. On a individual level, MEChA fosters leadership skills, self and group respect, and more friendships with Chicano, Chicana and Chicanx students. Not only do we provide an opportunity to become politically aware & active. We offer a broad experience of cultural, historical, social programs, and activities. One of our biggest goals is to help promote and ease higher education to all who seek it.
We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary at SDSU Storm Hall West Patio, April 27th and need help to rent out the location and for food.
We are humbly asking for donations toward our communal celebration. Any donation is gratefully appreciated. We thank the community for their on going support.

Click here to support. Thank you: 


Thank you to everyone who joined us and donated to make this day possible. 

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